Why Solar For Your Home

The cost of electricity in South Africa has risen over 250% in the past five years, and it will only continue to rise in coming years. Produce your own electricity with solar PV and save.

Adding battery back-up to your solar PV system ensures that clean, reliable energy is available around the clock. Never worry about load-shedding again.

Reduce your carbon emissions and help protect the Earth for the next generation.

Residential Solar Options

Grid-Tied Solar

Minimises grid electricity usage by prioritising the use of solar power first, and only topping up from the grid when necessary.
Cost-effective installation due to simplicity of system and lack of battery storage.
Can be configured to feed excess power back into the grid if your grid provider permits this, otherwise the system will intelligently manage its production to fully meet household requirements.

Hybrid Solar & Battery

Intelligent solar system that combines solar power with battery storage.
Can be configured to minimise grid electricity usage or to keep a fully charged battery reserve in case of power failure. During outages the solar continues to charge the battery and power essential appliances.
Can be integrated with a backup generator for true off-grid applications.

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